LA Clippers sing Happy Birthday to Grant Hill | Hill’s 1st NBA Game


Grant Hill is older than everybody in the league with the exception of Kurt Thomas who is 1 day older and he has had more surgeries than Greg Oden but somehow is not only still in the league at 40 but he’s still in demand.  The latest caregivers for Hill are the LA Clippers.

Let’s flashback to November 4th 1994 to Grant’s first NBA game that happens to be against the LA team many people thought he should of signed with this offseason.   The game is also the NBA debut of fellow rookie Eddie Jones.   Grant had an impressive line of 25pts 10rebs, 5ast, 3blks and surprisingly a 3 pointer.  Grant would only make 4 threes his entire rookie season and 3 of those 4 came in the first two games of the season.


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To put in perspective how old Grant Hill is.  Look at how old some of his Clipper teammates were when Grant was exposing Cedric Ceballos’ defense – ok maybe that was done way before Grant.

Blake Griffin – 5
Chris Paul – 9
DeAndre Jordan – 6
Trey Thompskins – 4
Travis Leslie –  4




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