Lakers will Retire Shaq’s Number 34 this season | Best Shaq Moments in LA

A Boston Celtic having his number retired by the Lakers!  I bet that’s something the Lakes organization never thought they would end up doing but in a few years nobody will remember that the most dominating player of all-time “played” for the Celtics anymore than they will remember Nique ending his career with the Celtics or Ewing on the Magic, King with the Bullets, English with the Mavs and Hakeem with the Raptors.

On April 2nd, Shaquille O’Neal will have his number 34 retired by the Lakers.  He will be joining Wilt, Elgin, Gail, Kareem, Worth, West and Magic with this honor. This will be an eventful year for the Lakers who will also retire Jamaal Wilkes 52 on December 28, unveil a statue of Kareem on November 16 and win a championship at the end of the season ……maybe not ….either way the results of the finals for the Lakers will be “Aladeen.”

In honor of the “the great and one and only who cares what team he didn’t win a championship for” Shaq, let’s lookback at some of his best moments post Orlando and pre Nash, LeBron & Leprechauns starting with the “Original Decision”

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The full 1 hour DVD SHAQ: LIKE NO OTHER

[youtube id=”OUCA0zuKHmk” width=”600″ height=”350″]



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