LaMarcus Aldridge (32/10) vs Blake Griffin (35/11) in OT Thriller



The Jeff Teague vs Kyrie Irving double OT thriller was the game of the night for the little guys but the Clippers/Blazers game was the game of the night for big guys as LaMarcus Aldridge scored 32 points and grabbed 10 rebounds in a OT victory over Blake Griffin (season high 35 points 11 rebounds 2 BLOCKS AND A 3 POINTER!) and the Clippers.

Aldridge scored 7 of his 32 in OT and was actually listed as questionable for the game since he had his wisdom teeth taken out earlier in the week.

Although Blake had the team high in points, it was Chris Paul who was the most spectacular for the Clips. CP3 hit 11 of his first 14 shots and finished with 34 points, 16 assists and 6 steals but missed a shot at the end of regulation.

“We should not have gone to overtime. I had a great shot to win the game. I got right where I wanted to. I probably tricked myself too much. I don’t even know if [the Blazers] had a foul to give. I went a little too quick, because I thought they they were going to try and use one of their fouls. I didn’t think I would end up as open as I was. I’ve got to make that shot.”
— Chris Paul






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