LaMarcus Aldridge scores season high 38 in win over the Thunder

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LaMarcus Aldridge Kevin Durant

The Blazers are off to the 2nd best start in franchise history with the best record in the Western conference and 2nd best in the league.  Last night, Blazers fans were celebrating their team and chanting MVP for the team’s best player, LaMarcus Aldridge. as he scored a season high 38 in a win over fellow University of Texas alumni Kevin Durant and his Thunder team.

“It was just surreal. It was humbling to have that moment here. I’ve been here so long, and I’ve had very few of those chances. That was fun. That made the night complete for me.”  Aldridge on the MVP chants

It is too late for the Blazers request but it’s not too late for Texas to retire Aldridge’s jersey.  They already retired Durant’s number.




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