LaMarcus Aldridge’s Warm Reception in Portland, Scores Game-High 23 vs Old Team

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LaMarcus Aldridge

On Wednesday night, LaMarcus Aldridge played his first game in Portland since signing a 4-year deal with the Spurs this Summer. And for the most part, he received a warm reception from the Blazers fans.

“I definitely heard the cheers of the fans that showed me love and still supported me. And I heard the fans that were mad, and rightfully so. It might have been like 70-30 cheers to boos,” he said.

“It was emotional. I have nothing but love for this city. I have so many memories in this arena so it was hard for me out there.”

Aldridge also showed his old fans what they are missing when he put up a game-high 23 points to go with 6 boards in 35 minutes.