LaMelo Ball Dunks On & Stares Down YouTuber Jesser The Lazer

Someone sent me an article called "LaMelo Ball Posterized Some Poor Kid And Then Stared Him Down." I click on it hoping to see the vertically challenged (but improving) Melo pull a Scottie Pippen over Patrick Ewing. What I ended up seeing was a joke. I'm not talking about the amusing dunk on the "some poor kid." I'm talking about a site with 159k followers on Twitter, 62.6k followers on Instagram and 124k subscribers on YouTube calling someone with a bigger following (203k on Twitter, 278k on Instagram and over a million more subs) "some poor kid." That kid is Bucket Squad leader and one of my favorite gaming YouTubers Jesser The Lazer.

The dunk happened during a pick-up game with a few other known YouTubers, like CashNasty and Kristopher London. The dunk also happens to be the second time this year I've seen Jesser get dunked on by a top high school player. Back in January, he played UCLA's Jaylen Hands one-on-one and ended up getting dunked on about 10 times.

Jesser also recently played James Harden one-on-one at an event EA put on, hoping to make influential people care about NBA (is still a)Live. So not only can Jesser brag about playing the Houston strip club legend, he can brag about Harden actually playing defense against him.

Poor kid!

Maybe if he plays basketball against bigger names than a MVP candidate or the most popular player in high school then he might get a few followers and make a few dollars from his YouTube channel that only has about 300 million views. LOL! 300 is only 288 million more than Kevin Durant's YouTube channel.

He didn't get much love from SportsCenter either.