LaMelo Ball Puts Up A 44-Point Triple-Double, Drops Defender With A Penny Hardaway Spin

On Sunday, LaMelo Ball had 44 points, 12 assists, 11 rebound, 5 steals, 1 block and 1 highlight Sergie Balashov doesn't want to be reminded of during the JBA's 121-114 win over BC Zenit.

I'm pretty sure the first thing you said to yourself when you read Melo had 44 points was, "How many shots did he miss?" The answer is 17 out of 32 attempts. Not bad. That's 47%, which is pretty good by BBB/JBA standards and pretty great compared to the shooting percentage of all of the young kids pulling up from near half court in high school games because they think they are Melo or a Trae Young.

Anyways, the real reason why I made this post was it gave me an excuse to bring up Penny Hardaway. Melo's spin move was reminiscent of the one Penny used on so many victims in his early Orlando days. And I wasn't the only person who had flashbacks after watching the clip. Jaleel White (Urkel from the show Family Matters) posted this comment on our IG video: "92 P. Hardaway move rt thurr."

Jaleel White commenting about Penny Hardaway! How is that for a 90's throwback?

Back to "The Ankle Bully," here's another angle of his spin and you can see the live angle at the 16:44 mark in the full highlights from the game.







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