Lance Stephenson picks his And1 Streetball Dream Team

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Lance Stephenson’s team Born Ready is $100k richer after winning the And1 Remix Tournament last weekend.   The tournament celebrated the 20 year anniversary of the brand that gave us the landmark mixtapes and introduced streetball to the masses with streetball icons like Rafer Alston, Alimoe & Escalade (RIP), Hot Sauce and current Ballup Streetball members The Professor, Air Up There, AO, Bone Collector and Baby Shaq.

Embassy: Interactive caught up with the Born Ready Coach and current endorser of the And1 brand and asked him a few questions about the And1 legacy and what his And1 Dream Team would be. His roster included Stephon Marbury, Rafer Alston, Black Widow aka Alimoe, Hot Sauce, AO, 50, Main Event and himself.

The interviewer from Philly also asked Lance if the recruiting combo of Meek Mill, Freeway and Will Smith would be enough to convince him to leave Indiana for the 76ers and Stephenson said no as he sounded pretty happy with his current Indiana squad.

Ballislife | Lance Stephenson And 1 Ad

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