Lance Stephenson breaks Courtney Lee’s ankle & records another triple double

Lance Stephenson delivered another ankle breaker in his breakout season last night against the Celtics.  The victim of the crossover was Courtney Lee but the entire Boston team was his victim as he recorded his (league leading) 3rd triple double – 12 points 10 rebounds & 10 assists.

With this triple double, Lance joins 6th man legend Detelf Schrempf as the first Pacer to accomplish 3 triple doubles in a season. The unique thing about Stephenson, like Mark Jackson in the past, is the points is often the last category he gets the 10 in and earlier this season he missed a triple double because he only had 7 points.   His 2 other triple doubles were 10/10/11 and 13/11/12.  The missed referenced triple was a 7/11/10 and earlier this month he had a 20/11/7 game.



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