Lance Stephenson finally gets paid. Signs w/ Hornets for 3yrs / $27 million

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While everybody was asleep, the always entertaining Lance Stephenson signed a 3 year deal with the Charlotte Hornets for $27 million after rejecting a 5 year $44 million deal from the Pacers.

Most people are going to wonder how the Pacers deal could be considered “offensive” while the Hornets deal was worthy enough of signing. The reason is, Lance believes he will be able to get more money in the near future so he didn’t want to be tied up for additional years.

Unfortunately for Lance, the Rockets didn’t match the Mavs offer for Chandler because the Mavs also had a 2 year $20 million offer ready for Stephenson but that was contingent on the Rockets matching their deal for Parsons.

Regardless, all of these deals are huge pay increases from what Lance was getting paid. Here’s his annual salary according to

  • 2010: $750k
  • 2011: $810k
  • 2012: $870k
  • 2013: $1,005,000

Now consider he was fined over $65k just last season for flops and “extracurricular activity.”

Just imagine what he might do now!



Source: ESPN


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