Lance Stephenson Had “The Worst 3-Point Shooting Season Ever”


The most buzz worthy story this morning has been a video of Stephen Curry making 77 straight 3-pointers in practice.  It’s pretty amazing and to think that Curry also won the NBA 3-Point Contest and set the record for most 3s in a season this season, you have to say that Curry had the best 3-point shooting season ever.

But like Bruce Willis’ superhero character in Unbreakable, there has to be a Mr Glass in the world if he exists. And that Mr Glass, at least for this season, is Lance Stephenson.

I don’t consider Lance one of the worst 3-point shooters ever, I don’t even consider Lance a bad 3-point shooter, but he did shoot .171 this season which breaks Michael “Sugar” Ray-Richardson’s record of .188 set way back in 1982 (8 years before Lance was even born).

What makes this stat so sad is he shot 34% from downtown is his last 2 seasons.  What makes this stat so ironic is he hit a game-winning 3-pointer in his first game with the Hornets this season.  Then again, it was a banked-in 3 so maybe that was a sign.

I’m willing to bet that we wont see these type of numbers from Lance next year. Whether he’s still in Charlotte or playing somewhere else where he can get back to being the fun, wild and dangerous Lance we saw in the playoffs, I’m betting on Lance to rebound next year the way his teammates had to rebound his misses this year.

And as for Steph Curry’s video, it’s not 77 in a row, but Lance can hit them in practice too…he just needs Pacers’ shorts.

Source: SB Nation