Lance Stephenson looks like he’s loving Charlotte

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Lance Stephenson


From the looks of this photo, the much richer Lance Stephenson looks like he’s going to be pretty happy in Charlotte…and so will the women at Vault.  I’m sure that pic will also upset some of the women at Rick’s, Patty’s, Brad’s Brass Flamingo or the Red Garter in Indianapolis but they should get over it.

But from the sounds of this old friend, nobody in Indy sounds like they are going to miss Lance Stephenson more than Larry Bird.

“I really feel bad about losing him,” Bird said. “I hope it doesn’t interfere with our relationship. But I did what I could possibly do to keep him here. Even if he didn’t have any other offers, I was committed to giving him that $44 million because I believe in the kid.”

Welcome to Charlotte Lance!





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