Lance Stephenson gets a triple double and the most ridiculous taunting tech ever

If pump faking warrants a tech then Rasheed Wallace should have been chasing Michael Jordan to become the all-time leader in technical fouls. MJ was the king of “taunting” opponents by waving the ball around and pumping the ball at and around defenders and was never given a tech by a ref for doing so.


Last night the Pacers, looking like Jordan’s 72 win Bulls, took on the Grizzlies and during  the first half that saw Lance Stephenson set a career high in assists (8) we also saw Lance pick up a ridiculous tech for a ball fake to the face of Tony Allen. The crowd booed, coach yelled and what did Lance Stephenson say? He just responded with his first career triple double and another win for the Pacers.

From his post game interview, the current face of And1 basketball sounded pretty excited and surprised by his stats.





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