Larry Bird (39pts) makes the game-winner vs Mark Aguirre (38pts) & the Mavs

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Mark Aguirre Larry Bird

Check out Mark Aguirre going off on the Celtics for 38 points and then watch Bird sink a game-winning 3-pointer for the win and giving him 1 more point than Aguirre.

Most people only talk about the former #1 pick as a Bad Boy but before he was a Detroit Bad Boy he was a real Baaaaad Boy and a 3x All-Star in Dallas. Just check out this 10 game streak in 1983: 39, 42, 32, 38, 30, 29, 40, 40, 30, 30.



I can’t mention Bird, Aguirre and the Bad Boys without bringing up this classic Converse commercial.

And I can’t show that commercial without showing this pic of Thomas, Magic and Aguirre wearing some really, really short shorts.