Larry Bird says Willie Trill Cauley-Stein is “a $100 million player”

Willie Cauley-Stein added “Trill” to his name earlier in the month and one day, according to Larry Bird, he might be adding $100 million to his bank account.

According to Indianapolis Star’s Candace Buckner, Trill and the trillest white man to ever play basketball met at the Draft Combine and Bird told a shocked Stein he could be a $100 million man.

One person who i’m sure really disagrees with that statement is former $100 million man Chris Webber.

“It’s really tough because he’s a college kid and I don’t want him to be [subject] to the type of dogging of athletes that we’re going to do at this level,” Webber said. “But that’s where we get in trouble. There’s no way in the world that he is a DeAndre Jordan. That’s one of the most ridiculous statements that I’ve ever heard. That’s almost as ridiculous as coach Larry Brown saying they could win a division or a game in the Eastern Conference.

“These days in basketball, if you’re a junior in basketball, and you’re 7-feet and you don’t average 10 points, you’re telling me he could be a DeAndre Jordan? There’s no way. … There is no way in the world. He can’t jump as high. DeAndre Jordan is like 7-15, he’s big, he weighs like 1,000 pounds. This kid is like 7-foot, he weighs like 200.

“He will not start in the league. He’s a great kid, and hopefully he will have an NBA career.”



Here’s what Stein had to say about his game, Bird’s former team, former rival and his love for the game.

Via The Courier-Journal

On what he’ll bring to an NBA team: “A lot of different things. Skill-wise, the sky’s the limit to where I could take it. I’m athletic enough to do a lot of different things, so whether it’s polishing offensively, you can do anything. Put the time in to do it, you can do it.”

On the Celtics: “I think the organization, the way they’re running it, they’re on a tight ship. They got a lot of young guys, but a lot of young, talented guys. So to be that young and to be where they’re at is really amazing, but that begins with the coaching staff. The players, they gotta buy into it.”

On the Lakers: “They’re the Lakers,, man. They’re going to be good no matter what. They might have down year, but they’re the Lakers. They’re going to get to the top somehow.”

On what he wants the NBA to know: “That I love the game. If I didn’t love the game, I wouldn’t be sitting here today. Why would I go through all this if I didn’t love the game. I can’t express enough that I had to sit out for a brief moment….I got to feel what it owuld feel like if I didn’t play. I can’t imagine not playing. When they ask me in the interview, so what would you do if you didn’t hoop, I don’t know. … All the interviews are the same. They all want to know your personality. What kind of person are you going to be in the locker room. Do you love the game of basketball? What do you do outside of basketball? … There’s a lot of talk. They want to see if the talk is true or not.”