Larry Nance Jr’s Top 10 Rookie Dunks…So Far

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Festus Ezeli Larry Nance Jr.

One of the highlights of the Lakers season aka The Kobe Farewell Tour has been the highlights generated by Larry Nance Jr. It all started with a “you can count on that sir” reply on Twitter when a Sheen Lee tweeted “please confirm, will you dunk on someone this year, thank you.” Then during a preseason game with the Warriors, he posterized Festus Ezeli with a dunk that rivaled the posters his father used to make.

Nance Jr has been racking up impressive dunks all-season long and on Sunday, he added another dunk to his portfolio.  So in honor of that dunk and all of the dunks he’s had this season, let’s look back at his 10 best and keep in mind there’s still 9 games left in the season.