Larry Sanders takes a shot at Brandon Jennings at Media Day

Brandon Jennings sounds pretty happy in Motown about his new big men.

“I haven’t been able to play with a guy who’s a post presence since Andrew Bogut, somebody you could throw it down to,” Jennings said. “Now that I have a post presence, and another guy like Josh, who can go get a bucket, Drummond, we can do pick and roll – just all type of options now.”

When one of Jenning’s ex big men, Larry Sanders, was asked about Brandon’s happiness at Media Day, he replied “He has to pass it to them first.”

The quote came from Andrew Gruman of Milwaukee’s FoxSports and I wish I could have heard how he said it rather than just reading the flat words because his tone would determine if this was actually a joking shot, a who cares shot or a I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire shot.

Regardless, Jennings does have a tendency to shoot a lot and Bleacher Report reported this pretty crazy stat that Jennings attempted 436 shots off of 565 pick-and-rolls last season but Jennings did average 6.5 assists a game and Larry was on the receiving end of a lot of those assists. So considering Larry just signed that new fat contract, mainly for his defense, I would still say he owes Jennings a little for that.

Also in Jennings defense (no pun intended), most guards would rather have Bogut, Smith and Drummond to pass to than the Buck’s bigs.

Source: Bleacher Report

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