LaVar Ball Talks About His Upcoming $1,500 Shoe & "LaBron" Going To The Lakers

On Sunday morning, Facebook released the latest episode of LaVar Ball's reality show Ball In The Family. Later in the evening, LaVar did an amusing live Q&A with "fans" on his Facebook page. The biggest highlights from the session includes him talking (joking?) about his upcoming "LaVar-iccis" shoe which will cost $1,500 or more and how LeBron's name is going to be spelled LaBron when he teams up with his son on the Lakers next season.

Other notable moments came when he talked about the "raggedy coach" at Chino Hills, his CK rug, hairstyles and his son's vs MJ's son.

"Here's the reason why I'm so much better than Jordan. Jordan had some sons too. But his sons didn't turn out like my sons. That shows how much athleticism I had oozing out of me. I made three killers. He couldn't even make two."


Watch the session with questions from LaMelo Ball's IG followers.