LeBron & Andrew Wiggins Exchange Airballs Against Each Other

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Andrew Wiggins LeBron James

Former #1 picks of the Cavs, LeBron James and Andrew Wiggins, both put on a show with some big stat lines on Tuesday night, although it took a few minutes for them get going.

A minute into the first quarter, LeBron pulled up for a 14-foot shot over Wiggins and got nothing but air. Wiggins responded by going one-on-one with LeBron and shooting his own airball. Wiggins made his next shot, then missed a 5-footer and got blocked by Channing Frye moments later. After LeBron’s airball, he was blocked/fouled by KAT, went to the free-throw line and missed one of the two free throws. He was charged with an offensive foul two minutes later and then missed a three-point attempt before coming out of the game in the first with just one point.

They started cooking afterwards, especially Wiggins, who scored 20 of his game-high 41 in the 3rd quarter.

“It’s always competitive playing them,” Wiggins said. “I feel like it brings out the best in everybody.”

LeBron ended up making 10 of his 14 shots for 25 points, 14 assists and 8 boards; his final assist was a no-look nutmeg pass on Wiggins. He also ended up with the W as the Cavs beat the Wolves 116-108.