LeBron James’ block on Tiago Splitter from every angle | Skip Bayless not impressed

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“Yeah, at least I’m going to be in the news, I just tried to make a good play, but he’s a great player. You got to expect that from him.” – Tiago Splitter

Yeah, Tiago is going to be in the news and from that answer I guess he would be one of those Kardashian like celebs that believes all publicity if good publicity…as long as they spell his name right.  I’ve seen the tombstones that say R.I.P. Tiago Splitter and read about 100 articles, blog posts, tweets, facebook updates and watched the play on about 4 different channels and everybody did spell his name correctly.  Hopefully he’s happy because he’s the only person in the world associated with the Spurs in anyway from fans to his teammates to former Spurs David Robinson and Alvin Robertson (wait he’s unhappy for another reason)  to the custodians at the AT&T center to Skip Bayless who of course tried to defend Tiago and not give LeBron his props.


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