LeBron “Blows A Gasket” & Checks Himself Out of the Game, Cavs Get A Tech

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LeBron James Jared Cunningham

Most players tend to relax and go into cruise control mode when their team is up by 26 midway through the 3rd quarter. Not LeBron. After Jared Cunningham threw the ball out of bounds while trying to make a post entry pass to LeBron, James subbed himself out and went straight to the bench. This left only 4 Cavs on the floor and resulted in a tech.

“I blew a gasket,” James said after the game. “I apologized to my teammates for it.”

Coach Blatt joked about the incident by saying LeBron thought he was playing Hockey.

“He thought we were playing hockey. Hockey sub,” Blatt said. “You know, `Bron is a lot of things, a lot of great things, but probably where you’re not going to see him is out there playing for the (New York) Rangers. I understand his frustration but obviously he shouldn’t do that.”

LeBron only had 5 points in the first half but finished with 19 points, 11 rebounds and 8 assists in 33 minutes.  The Cavs won 107-93 and remain unbeaten at home.