Rickkyyyy! Boyz n the Hood Spoof with LeBron James

There’s some great stuff on Vine, like this pre game 360 dunk by LeBron, but this Vine from Richard Liew titled “Rickkyyy!” might be the best. ┬áRichard manages to make one of the saddest and most powerful scenes from the movie “Boyz n the Hood” into a hilarious spoof by cutting in some footage of LeBron running and flopping.

Most impressive is this is Richard’s first Vine which means it’s all downhill from here. ┬áJust look at John Singleton, the director of Boyz N The Hood, he’s been making films for over 20 years and nothing comes close to his classic debut that earned him a Best Director (youngest ever) Nomination.

[youtube id=”C–iuM8NcQc” width=”600″ height=”350″]


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