LeBron called for flagrant on Boozer who has “his big boy pants on” | Complains about rough fouls on him

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“Boozer’s got his big boy pants on. He can take a hit every now and then”

Those were the great words by the great Van Gundy on the flagrant foul given to LeBron for hitting ex teammate Carlos Boozer.  I understand the NBA wants to make life easier on their PR people by making sure fights, rough play or even a little obnoxious behavior is put out with water when it’s just a spark but there’s just too many of these calls going on now.  I mean, the NBA even has a lot of fight videos removed from YouTube (I know because I have tons of copyrighted videos on YT and the only ones that were removed by YouTube at the request of the NBA were rare fight vids).

Now LeBron was the victim on this play but after the game he was complaining about the refs on fouls committed against him by Kirk Hinrich and Taj Gibson, calling them “not basketball plays” but you could argue that those fouls were more justified as clean basketball plays than his offensive foul.

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I’m not going to turn into an old school head but I agree with Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons during a post-game feature when they basically said he can’t have it both ways, have his cake and eat it too, and that this is nothing compared to how rough the NBA used to be 15+ years ago.


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