LeBron overrules David Blatt’s final play, sinks GM4 game-winner at the buzzer

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LeBron James

If LeBron would have listened to Coach David Blatt on the final play of GM4 then one of the biggest shots in Cavs history wouldn’t have happened and there’s a good chance the Cavs would be down 3-1.

With 1.5 seconds left on the clock, LeBron James hit a fadeaway jumper to give the Cavs an 86-84 victory and to tie up the series at 2-2.  What wasn’t known at the time of the clutch play was LeBron wasn’t supposed to take the final shot.

“To be honest, the play that was drawn up, I scratched it,” James said. “I just told coach, ‘Just give me the ball. We either going to go into overtime or I’ma win it for us.’ It was that simple.

“I was supposed to take the ball out. I told coach, ‘There’s no way I’m taking the ball out unless I can shoot it over the backboard and go in.’ So I told him to have somebody else take the ball out, give me the ball and everybody get out the way.”

If the last call by Blatt wasn’t bad enough, he almost cost them the game by pulling a Chris Webber when the game was tied 84-84 with 8.4 seconds left.

“Yeah, I almost blew it, to be honest with you,” Blatt said.

Luckily for the Cavs, all 3 refs who were looking in Blatt’s direction when he was calling for a time-out didn’t acknowledge him.

“Players make mistakes, coaches make mistakes and we have to be able to cover for one another,” James said.

Coach LeBron finished with 25 points (10-30 fg, 1-7 3pt), 14 rebounds, 8 assists and 8 turnovers.