LeBron dances during a timeout and people will record him doing anything

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When I saw the Jim Carrey movie The Truman Show in 1998, years before reality TV destroyed TV, I remember thinking who would actually care to watch a person 24/7 doing everyday things.   The last decade answered my question as we recorded and distributed content of celebs doing nothing and made nothings into celebs so we could watch them do nothing.

LeBron James is a bona fide superstar/celeb/amazing talent that does amazing things that should be recorded, distributed and archived for generations coming but not everything he does should be treated like it’s worth a  million dollars.

Check out the video above of LeBron dancing on the scorers table.  Amusing – yes.  Worthy of a bunch of people pulling out their cameras and recording it?  What exactly do most people do with this footage?  Do they show their friends right after they show a video of their cute kids doing cute things or a self  shot mirror pic they took the night before before they hit the club?  I wonder the same thing when I see people at concerts shooting (vertically!) some horrible footage.  Why are they shooting it?  I swear if Jesus appeared, most people wouldn’t even see him with their eyes because they were busy recording it with their phones and looking through a lens of a camera.

Put the cameras down people and enjoy the moment.  Believe me, your memory of something memorable is much better than the actual moment viewed at a later time. Believe me, when the timeout is over and LeBron steps on the court, he’s going to do something much more memorable that you will remember long after him doing things that Truman was doing.

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