LeBron James hints at The Decision PT 2 (2014)


Expendable 3, Fast and Furious 7, Spider Man 2, Transformers 4, Step Up 5, Resident Evil 6, 22 Jump Street are just some of the sequels coming out in 2014 and I really couldn’t care less about those or any sequel in 2014 except for Sin City 2 and The Decision 2. The Decision 2 is still a rumored project in pre production that hasn’t been green lit but from LeBron’s latest comments in ESPN the Magazine, it sounds like King James is ready to take the director’s chair again and give us a suspenseful cinematic event that only Kanye can sleep through…again.

“I have absolutely no idea,” said LeBron “I would love to spend the rest of my career in Miami with this great team and great organization as we continue to compete for championships. That’s ideal. But we don’t know what may happen from now to the end of the season. That’s the nature of the business. It’s the nature of not knowing what tomorrow brings.”

He’s right about tomorrow and the uncertainty it brings and that is why we study and learn from history and if there is two things history has taught us, it’s things change and history repeats itself.

“I mean, as a kid, I never thought the Bulls would break up,” James said. “Never. If you’d of told me as a kid that Jordan and Pippen wouldn’t play together for the rest of their lives, I’d have looked at you crazy. And Phil Jackson wouldn’t be the coach? I’d have looked at you crazy. But sometimes the nature of the business doesn’t allow things to happen like you would want them to. But we’ll see.”

Yes we will and I’ll be the first in line with a box of over buttered popcorn.

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