LeBron ditches the mask & comments on jerseys in Heat loss to the Spurs

Players in this post:
LeBron James


“I don’t like it,” James said. “It’s that simple; just got frustrated with it early on so I took it off. It didn’t help me, taking it off. It’s probably a game-to-game thing.”


“I’m not making any excuses, but I’m not a big fan of the jerseys,” James said. “So I have to figure something out next time I have to wear the short-sleeve jerseys. Every time I shoot, it feels like it’s just pulling right up underneath my arm. I already don’t have much room for error on my jump shot anyways, so it’s definitely not a good thing.”

LeBron shot 6 of 18 against the Spurs and was just 1 of 11 from outside the paint.   He also committed 5 of the Heat’s 22 turnovers.  A season high 10 of those came in the 4th quarter.

All of this lead to a 111-87 win for the Spurs.






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