LeBron Doesn’t Understand Why He Was Given A Tech For Swinging On The Rim

Do I think refs should be giving out techs for stuff like this? Hell no! Do I think this is a tech since the rule book does say you are not allowed to hang on a rim unless you are doing so “to avoid injury to themselves or another player?” Yes I do.

The King was pretty much wide-open on his dunk, decided to swing out of bounds and then so far back inbounds, he almost landed outside of the paint. If we are going to enforce NBA rules, then this call is easy as most of LeBron’s travels…or should I say, noticing LeBron’s travels he gets away with.

Anyways, LeBron had a nice night with 29 points, 13 boards, 10 assists and 1 other nasty dunk that didn’t warrant a technical.