LeBron James' Amazing Finals MVP performance & Speech "I ain't got no worries!"

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LeBron James

“Listen, for me, I can’t worry about what everyone say about me. I’m LeBron James from Akron, Ohio, from the innercity. I’m not even supposed to be here. That’s enough. Every night I walk into the locker room, I see a number six with ‘James’ on the back. I’m blessed. What everybody say about me off the court don’t matter. I ain’t got no worries.”

Finals MVP LeBron James might have more "haters" than anybody else in the league but when you are young, the best player in the world, and holding up your second straight NBA Championship trophy in front of thousands of your fans that have helped make you one of the most popular and richest athletes in the world, you have no worries.

Congrats to the the 28-year-old-4-time NBA MVP, who now has two rings and hopefully two million less critics that can no longer say "not clutch" and "LeBron James" in the same sentence.  His 37-point, 12-rebound epic Game 7 performance will go down in history as one of the greats and establish him as one of the greatest of all-time.

If winning another championship wasn't enough, LeBron will reportedly make at least $10 million more a year (from his $40 million annually) in endorsements after this win. So how do you like them apples?

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