LeBron James Unveils New Nike Football Uniforms for his high school alma-mater

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Last week Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant was complimenting LeBron's athletic ability and said LeBron had the talent to play in the NFL.  It's a thought that many people including the Seahawks coach back in 2011 also believed.  Pete Carroll even had a LeBron Seahawks jersey made for James who was busy not playing basketball because of the NBA lockout.  LeBron even teased fans during this time that he was going to try out for an NFL team if the lockout didn't end.


If LeBron would have tried out for a team it would not have been a publicity stunt or a fantasy goal. Back in high school, he was a highly recruited football star that supposedly considered playing for Miami, Michigan & Ohio State before making the decision to go to the NBA.  Considering he didn't play football his senior year at St. Vincent-St. Mary to concentrate on basketball, I don't think he really considered playing college football but he probably picked those 3 schools as the colleges he would have liked to play Wide Receiver at since he was a 2 time All-Ohio section at WR.

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This past weekend, LeBron had the opportunity to relive his high school football days when he presented his alma-mater in Akron with new Nike uniforms at a huge pep rally.

From NBA.com

NBA star LeBron James has kicked off another school year in his hometown of Akron with his foundation's second annual "I Promise Family Reunion."

The LeBron James Family Foundation event has evolved from a bike giveaway to an education initiative that includes nearly 700 students.

At his alma mater St. Vincent-St. Mary High School on Saturday, James welcomed a new class of third graders to the program. The students are required to complete a two-week camp over their summer vacation and then they become eligible to for new bike, helmet, a school uniform and backpack tags.

James told the crowd that it's important for children to know how important they are to the future and that their dreams can become a reality.

James also outfitted the high school's fall sports teams with new Nike uniforms and is building a new gymnasium that's scheduled to be completed in the fall.



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