LeBron Fumes, Cavs Fan & Iggy Fall Asleep During the 4th Quarter of Blowout

If you watched the first 3 quarters of the Warriors 34 point whooping of the Cavs on MLK Day, you saw a frustrated LeBron drop Steph Curry and Curry drop 35 points and 7 3-pointers on LeBron and the Cavs.

If you actually watched the final meaningless quarter, you saw one pissed off looking LeBron on the Cavs bench.

A Cavs fan sleeping while another fan picked his nose in the stands.

And Andre Iguodala sleeping on the Warriors bench.


Iggy also had 20 points on the night, which is 20 more than he scored in his final 2 games combined and 7 more than his last 4.