LeBron James picks Jordan, Dr J & Bird as the 3 best players of all-time

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Besides naming Michael Jordan, LeBron James really struggled picking 2 more names when FoxSports asked him to name his selections for Top 3 Basketball Players of All-Time.  His second pick, Dr J,  was an interesting one since Julius rarely makes top 5 lists and his final selection was Larry Bird who seems to unfairly fall lower in lower in ranking lists as the years go by although he’s cemented at the #3 spot on my list.  Magic is my #2 and when Johnson was brought up, LeBron said he would be #4 but admitted it’s a tough dilemma picking between the two 80’s rivals.

The following is a video from earlier in the year of LeBron talking about Dr J’s ahead of his time game and some other random moments about James and his picks.

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