LeBron James & Channing Frye Slap Boxing At Cavs Scrimmage

On Monday, the Kyrie-less Cavs hosted their annual Wine & Gold scrimmage at Quicken Loans arena. It was the first time Cavs fans got to see Dwyane Wade, Isaiah Thomas and LeBron on the court together as teammates. Unfortunately, fans didn’t get to see any oops from Wade and LeBron since James sat out the scrimmage. Some did get to watch an amusing play fight between him and Channing Frye, who pulled out the old time fighting Irish stance.

Since LeBron has never thrown or been hit by a punch in his NBA career (a pretty surprising accomplishment), I thought I would revisit Channing “Put him up” Frye’s best fights and altercations. The (short) list starts off with the time KG punched Frye in the balls.

And here’s Frye and Trey Lyles fighting like Rams after Frye’s balls took another hit.

And here’s Jerryd Bayless showing his fellow Wildcat some love with a head grab and chest push.