LeBron James Hilariously Reacts To Marcus Smart Trying To Confront Him

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Marcus Smart LeBron James

“Who is this guy with the blonde hair?”

King James is also a King of Meme worthy expressions and he gave a few of them to Marcus Smart after the Boston flop master took exception to a little extra contact after a 3rd quarter foul call.  James just gave him that “are you serious, I’m out of your league” look women give over-confident guys at clubs and then pointed back at him as if he was trying to get confirmation if Smart was really acting that dumb. He then waived his hand as if he was saying, “Nah, that didn’t really happen.”

What did happen was James flirted with a triple-double (23/11/8) and Love and Kyrie Irving each had 30+ games as the Cavs went on to win their 11th straight game with LeBron playing.