LeBron James Homecoming Conference “I’m not going anywhere ever again.”

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LeBron James

One of the biggest decisions a boy will ever make in his life is when he decides to leave his “first love.” Most likely that first love is a hometown crush who has been in that boy’s life long before they were an item.  And in many cases the reason behind the decision to leave is the appeal of a more sexy or adventurous “upgrade.” But eventually the new upgrade and relationship will lose it’s appeal and generate challenges and issues that will make you home-sick and realize how good you had it with your first. In most cases, that first love has moved on and wont want you back but for some lucky fellas, those doors are not only not shut but they are wide open.  If  that’s the case, the smartest thing that boy can do is to go home, propose and ride out the rest of life as a faithful man.

That man is LeBron James and on Friday, 30,000+ Cleveland fans welcomed him back home and James proposed by saying “I’m not going anywhere ever again.”

He didn’t give a ring with his proposal but the ring is coming soon.

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