LeBron James Is Asked What It Would Be Like To Play Like JR Smith For A Game

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After the Cavs put on a 3-point shooting clinic – making a NBA record 25 3-pointers – in a blowout win over the Hawks in Game 2, a reporter asked LeBron, “What would it be like to play like JR for a game?”

The question put an instant smile on the face of Smith, who made 7 of 13 3s in just 3 quarter, and LeBron, who added 4 more 3s. LeBron then responded by saying, “That is almost a trick question right there. What do you mean? That you can shoot any shot that you want?”

LeBron then said JR is the only person on the team with the ultra (fluorescent) green light to shoot, then praised his overlooked defense before saying “it would be cool” to take 14, 15, 17 and 20 3s in a game.

So in honor of Smith having that green light, let’s look back at some of his most memorable 3-point performances.


2009 (10 VS ATLANTA)

2014 (10 VS MIAMI)


2015 (8 VS ATLANTA)

2015 (8 VS DETROIT)

2016 (7 VS DETROIT)

2016 (7 VS ATLANTA)