LeBron James Jr & Brother Bryce Maximus Put On A Show In Front Of Dad At Ohio Showcase

At only 11 years old, LeBron James Jr has already made more appearances on Ballislife and generated more video views than half of the current Cavs roster. While Bronny was busy imitating Dad and becoming the most popular 10 and 11 year old basketball player in the world, it looks like his little brother, 8 year old Bryce "Mad" Maximus James, was busy studying footage of Steph Curry and becoming a better shooter than Dad!

I"m obviously kidding and i'm not saying Bronny and Brice are the "Next" anything. I'm just sharing a fun video of the best basketball player in the world, along with his wife, mom and teammate, enjoying the thrill of being a parent of children who are excelling at something they love.

I got the same joy watching LeBron watch his kids here as I did watching LeBron, in person, shoot around with his kids at past Sprite Showdowns back in 2010 and 11.

Back to the original video. The footage is from the "Ohio Showcase" basketball tournament, where the heirs to the throne helped their North Coast Blue Chips team win a championship.

After the win, proud Dad Lebron posted this pic of the "James Gang."