LeBron James Jr. highlight reel from Disney AAU Championships – Looks Just Like His Dad

LeBron James gave his son his name, his looks (check out the scary resemblance below) and hopefully his game.  If 7 year old Junior even gets half of his Dad’s game then you can expect Junior to be atleast a 5 year vet in the NBA.

Here’s a highlight reel of LeBron James JR from last summer at the Disney AAU championships where the sons of Juwan Howard, Jerry Stackhouse, Antonio Davis and Jason Terry also competed.  LeBron Senior wasn’t in attendance because he was busy in London bringing a gold medal back to the US but hopefully LeBron will be able to see plenty of his son playing ball in the future.  Possibly even getting a gold and NBA championship of his own.  For now, a free trip to Disney World sounds more appealing to a 7 year old.

I’m not trying to start any beef but I heard Jason Terry’s son “wasn’t impressed” with LeBron’s son.


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