LeBron James Jr Refuses To Wear Dad's Number So People Won't Know Who He Is?

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In the great film "Creed," Adonis Creed boxes in Mexico under an alias so people don't know his father is boxing great Apollo Creed. It worked for him for a bit.

In a recent SI interview with NBA great LeBron James, he said his 11-year old son wears #0 because....he wants to be like Kevin Love. I'm kidding, the given reason why is so people won't recognize him as the son of LeBron?

"He doesn't want people to know who he is," explained James. "He hates when they ask him for pictures and autographs. He won't even wear my number."

Unfortunately, there's three really big problems with his son trying to go incognito.

#1 is his name is LeBron James Jr.
#2 is he's already famous with millions of YouTube views.
#3 there's video mixmakers, scouts and shady business people chasing him around basketball camps and tournaments. He's even been offered college scholarships.

I wish the kid all the success at becoming "the next LeBron" even though he's been the next LeBron since the day he was born, but his entire basketball career is going to be under an unfair microscope and the comparisons to his father is only going to increase as he continues to get better.