LeBron James Pretends To Be "Ron" The Pizza Guy At Blaze Pizza

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LeBron James

Back in 2012, LeBron James became a founding investor in Blaze Pizza - an assembly line pizza joint like Chipotle for burritos.  He believed in the franchise so much that he left his mega deal with McDonalds in 2015. On March 11th of 2016, LeBron put on a Blaze uniform and pretended to be Ron at a Pasadena location for this video/commercial.

Surprisingly nobody caused a scene and just yelled "it's LeBron James" or maybe it did happen and it was just edited out or wasn't scripted that way. Maybe LeBron wearing a Blaze uni is like Clark Kent with glasses.

More surprising, is the lady, next to the cute Asian lady with glasses, who said he looks like Dwyane Wade, which means she knows what Wade looks like but not LeBron James. That's more baffling than half of the scenes from the TV show 'Undercover Boss' or this Gatorade "Undercover" video with Dwyane Wade.