LeBron James gives speech to fans at Ohio State Football Pep Rally (Skull Session)

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LeBron James

Earlier this month, Ohio State University gave LeBron his own locker in the OSU locker room as part of it’s $19 million renovation of the Buckeyes practice facility.  Yesterday, the Ohio love was in full effect again as James attended a Buckeye pep rally, called the Skull Session, at ST. John Arena two hours before the  Ohio State vs Wisconsin game, and treated the fans to a speech about how much he loves the school and how he would have picked OSU (not Cal, Florida, Michigan, Duke or UNC) if he would have went to college.

“I promise, I say this all the time,  if I had one year of college, I would have ended up here,” said LeBron.

We all know that would have been a horrible decision for LeBron, and mostly Ohio, if he would of delayed becoming the #1 pick (of the Cavs) and rookie of the year with a $100+ million Nike contract to play big (fresh)man on campus for a couple of semesters, but I do believe James would have attended OSU and had one amazing season.

“No matter where I go in the world, no matter where it is, I will always rock Ohio State colors,” – LeBron

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