LeBron James Talks To GQ About His Baby/Grail – Most Priceless Item He Owns

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LeBron James

A very loose and funny LeBron James sat down with the GQ crew to promote his new sneakers and talk about his “Grail” – the most priceless item in his closet . You might be thinking that priceless item would be something like his first NBA championship ring or some piece of custom jewelry that’s literally worth a fortune. ¬†Nope. It’s actually¬†a pair of sneakers. The sneakers he wore during his first home game. He even took his grail out of its display case to show off and burp in the interview.

James also talked about his signature dunk which came from a nationally televised high school game during his senior year (3:00 mark of the following video) and warned people who try to challenge him while wearing his kicks that he will “bust your ass!”