LeBron James – The Art of Passing (10 mins of passes)

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Last week we showed  you 16 minutes of clutchness from the chosen one.  One of the silly replies we kept getting is he’s not clutch because he always passes the ball.  Well,  you are right that he passes a lot and he’s damn good if not one of the best ever at doing it especially among non point guards.

LeBron is currently 54th all-time in career assists and that’s more than Doc Rivers, Mark Price, Jason Williams, Terrell Brandon, Sherman Douglas and a long list of other past points.  Current points Tony Parker and Chris Paul are less than 100 assists ahead of him.

LeBron should easily have 1,000 more assists in the next 3 seasons and when he does he will pass players like Baron Davis, Larry Bird, Avery Johnson, Karl Malone, Mookie Blaylock, Kenny Anderson, Nick Van Exel, Allen Iverson and Michael Jordan.

With all that said, I did find this meme amusing.

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