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Who let Jordan Crawford’s friend LaLa on the MVP voting committee?  Not since Shaq dominated the league in 2000 has a player won 120 of 121 first place votes (no player has ever won all 1st place votes) but LeBron James did it today as he picked up his 4th MVP trophy.

LeBron joked that it was “probably a writer out of New York” that didn’t give him that 1st place vote that ended up going to Carmelo Anthony but my money is on LaLa because only the wife or mom of a man could honestly give somebody other than LeBron that vote for MVP this season.

LeBron not getting all the votes was more shocking to me than the twists at end of “The Sixth Sense” or “The Usual Suspects.” I would of bet on Damian Lillard losing Rookie of the Year over James not getting every 1st place vote especially when that vote went to a player that ended up with a third of the votes LeBron did  and placed 3rd in total points. LeBron total points were 1,207, Durant came in 2nd with 765 and Melo had 475 in 3rd.   KG, David Lee, Ty Lawson, Marc Gasol and  Joakim Noah actually got a vote.

There’s always next year for LeBron to go for every vote but his biggest individual goal is to win defensive player of the year which he thought he was upset he didn’t win this season.

“I tried harder to win defensive player of the year than I did MVP,” James said. “That’s my goal. Coach (Erik Spoelstra) had me guarding every position. We’ll try again next year.”

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The MVP Award

  • only 29 players have won this award period
  • only 12 have won this award at least two times
  • only 8 have won this award at least three times
  • only 5 have won this award at least four times.

MVP Winners

  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar           6 MVP Awards
  • Bill Russell                            5 MVP Awards
  • Michael Jordan                     5 MVP Awards
  • Wilt Chamberlain                  4 MVP Awards
  • LeBron James                   4 MVP Awards







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