LeBron James with the dunk of the year (?) on Ben McLemore…

I know, I know, we say every other sick, crazy, amazing dunk is the dunk of the day, week, month –  you get the point!  BUT (yes this deserves all caps), LEBRON MIGHT HAVE JUST EXECUTED THE DUNK OF THE YEAR ON BEN MCLEMORE!!!! (excessive exclamation points are acceptable too)…..or maybe we are just exaggerating again.

But hey, have you heard of this young phenom being billed as the next LeBron named Seventh Woods?  He also had the DUNK OF THE YEAR (!?) at the Chick-Fil-A-Classic.  Check it out.

Let’s also not forget these guys: Javonte Douglas, Jordan Weethee, Christian Terrell and Xavier Henry.




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