LeBron & Jay-Z’s 2 Kings Dinner w/ Puff, Beyonce, Pippen, Riley & more

Shout out to Sprite for putting on a bunch of great events for LeBron James this past weekend.  Friday night we had the Uncontainable game at Jam Session where Coach James beat Coach Kobe’s team.  On Saturday, LeBron representing his LeBron James Family Foundation and Sprite showed up at the Harvard Boys and Girls Club in Houston to present the kids a refurbished gym that puts most of the basketball courts I go to in Houston to shame.  That night, Sprite was a part of the 6th annual 2 Kings dinner for LeBron and Jay-Z.   Music industry giants Beyonce, Diddy, Drake, Irv Gotti & Steve Stoute were present as well as familiar hoop faces like Pat Riley, Scottie Pippen and Chris Bosh.

Speaking of LeBron and Drake. Here’s a video of the two performing together at the first Sprite Showdown Finals in Dallas TX three years ago.

[youtube id=”otGFjMZfmV0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

and since we are going down memory lane, check out this old XXL cover featuring the 2 Kings with Kanye and Foxy Brown.


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