LeBron + KD + F. Gary Gray + Public Enemy = One Awesome Nike Commercial

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LeBron James Kevin Durant

The dream starts with you wanting to meet the basketball heroes displayed on your walls or in the YouTube videos you have studied and watched a hundred times. Then as you get older and better, the dream becomes more realistic and you now want to play with or against those heroes. Then for some, the dream becomes a reality and you are that person catching an alley-oop from LeBron James or defending Kevin Durant on a NBA stage.

In the latest W+K Nike ad — directed by F. Gary Gray (Friday, Straight Outta Compton) and shot by Roman Vasyanov (Suicide Squad) — titled ‘Want It All,’ we follow the journey of a little hooper as he goes from dreamer, to an attendee at a LeBron James basketball camp, to a Dukie, to a draft pick of the Cleveland Cavs. And it’s in Cleveland where he gets to run with LeBron and face off against Kevin Durant and the Warriors.

As great as the visuals are, my favorite aspect of the video is the sounds of Public Enemy and one of the greatest voices in music history, Chuck D. I’ve never heard this remix of the classic but I’m glad they used it because it gives me an opportunity to share the Pete Rock remix, which many old school hip-hop fans (like myself) consider to be one of the greatest hip-hop remixes ever.