LeBron Leaves Blowout Loss To Spurs Early After Taking An Elbow From David Lee

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The dunk was nice and he did flirt with a triple-double (17/8/8), but for the most part, LeBron James’ 30 minutes against the Spurs on Monday were painful to watch and ended with LeBron collapsing to the ground in pain.

Down by 21 with less than a minute left in the third quarter, LeBron took an elbow to the neck from David Lee (who almost had his career cut short with a nasty infection in his elbow), which gave him an excuse to not have to endure another second of the beat down Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs were giving the Cavs.

After the 103-74 loss, while talking about players feeling fatigue, LeBron said he feel’s great and if you are feeling slow then you need to get into better shape.

“Yeah, we look a little slow versus a lot of these teams,” James said. “It’s up to the individual where if you’re feeling a little slow, OK, you gotta get in better shape.

“It sucks to say, ‘It’s March, you’re not in good shape. But you gotta get in even better shape against some of these teams that’s been plugging away all season long. I know from a personal standpoint, I feel great. I feel really good, actually.”

He also didn’t sound too worried or frustrated about the Cavs awful play of late — losing four of the last six and racking up nine losses in the month of March so far.

“The way we were struggling, this is the last team you want to play,” James said. “A well-oiled machine like this, they exploit everything that you’re not doing well at that point in time in the season, and right now we’re just not playing good basketball. So we’ll figure it out. I’m still confident in the bunch. I’m confident that we can turn things around. But right now, it’s not frustrating, it’s just something you’ve got to figure out. As a veteran ball club, and as a group that wants to do something special — again.”