LeBron On his Fancy Assist To Dunleavy, “Probably Only One Guy In The World Who Could Make That Pass.”

LeBron James not only had the dunk of the game on Saturday, he had the assist of the game, night and probably week with this baseline pass to Mike Dunleavy.

After the game, when asked about the fancy assist, LeBron said, “I just trusted my instincts. I knew the set that we called and I trusted my ability to make that pass.”

He then joked, “Probably only one guy in the world who could make that pass.”

When Cavs play-by-play man Fred McLeod replied, “I wonder who that is.”

LeBron answered, “Me too. I’ll figure it out.”

I’m assuming a bunch of Spurs fans are yelling Manu Ginobili’s name out loud right now.