LeBron on Playing Jordan 1-on-1 “they’re gonna have to have wheelchairs & ambulances” to get us off the court

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Speaking with Willie Geist of Today, LeBron talked about the latest charity from his LeBron James Family Foundation which he hopes will be able to provide scholarships to over 1,000 kids in his program. If he does that total bill will be over $40 million but don’t worry the majority of that is not coming out of James’ pocket. The Foundation is working with the University of Akron, JP Morgan and Chase.

Geist then asked him about Jordan’s comments about playing LeBron 1-on-1.

“Oh, I take myself. For sure. I mean, I’m gonna take myself versus anybody. I’ll tell you one thing — they’re gonna have to have a few wheelchairs and a couple ambulances there to get us off the floor.”

FYI, Jordan has some expereince playing in a wheelchair too.